Prepare your Site and your Content for the Modern View

With the modern design, introduce several changes that will have an impact on your existing content, particularly for courses and dashboards.If you rely much on these areas for your demo content, you need to think through and plan for how you should realign your content before submitting the request to have modern design enabled.

We suggest that you at least go through the following steps:

  1. Review the main changes that will have an impact on your existing content. (this video may be useful )  Please pay close attention to content in these sections:
    1. Course dashboards: These will now have fixed content blocks, and existing content blocks will be removed.
    2. Hierarchy dashboards: Aggregated content blocks are no longer available, e.g. task list or attendance. You can still create your own content (rich text, images) or add plugins
    3. Start page: The default landing page for all users should be My Page. While technically still possible, hierarchy dashboards or other sections should not be used.
  2. Backup content: If you want to move or backup any content from dashboards, do so before submitting the request to have Modern Design enabled.

Please note: You will not be able to use any skins, including Summer Sky or Intermediate.

After your site has been changed to the new itslearning design;

Configure your Site with your SysAdmin user

The above settings turns on the new look-and feel, new navigation and new/improved features. Once this is done, you need will need to configure your site with your system administrator user:

  1. Change profile settings: Change existing profiles to ensure that all users are correctly configured:
    1. Start URL: Set to My Page for all profiles except parent, which should be set to Parent Dashboard
    2. Use the new library layout: Set to "YES" for all profiles. This will give them the new library user experience.
  2. Review Policies: Review your existing policies to make sure that these do not override the profile settings
  3. Review Privacy rules: Review that the new and simplified privacy settings are correctly set up