By clicking on your name, you will have access to a personal menu. It is in this menu that you can search for content within your courses, communities or calendar. In addition, you have access to:

  • Change your details (photo, contact information)
  • Your files
  • Your settings
  • An aggregated grade book
  • Aggregated learning objectives report
  • Any Individual learning plans
  • Your ePortfolio
  • Sign out

Your Settings

Within your settings you are able to customize the platform, change your detials or password, manage applications and mobile app. In addition you can change your alerts and email notifications. 

  • Customization: The next option, customize itslearning, allows you to change the language, time zone, use a simplified navigation tree or simplified text editor, and enable accessibility mode. Itslearning's interface can be translated into 17 different languages. 
  • Alerts: Users have the ability to activate email alerts for new assignments, news, and dashboard notifications. It is key that if these alerts are enabled, these settings are activated