All users are typically able to create communities. Communities may be created for group projects, clubs, or associations. 

There are two ways to be added to a community: invitation or administration. The creator of a community may invite users to join or an itslearning administrator must manually add users to a community.

To add a community, select the “add” option and then, provide a title and description for your community.

Adding Participants

Once you have created a community, you may invite participants. Choose the participants option in your course menu. Then choose “invite users.” This will allow you to send an internal message to users inviting them to the community. There are two roles within a community:

  • Community manager – able to add participants, edit settings, create groups and manage the dashboard.
  • Community participant – able to add and share content and participate in community activities

To add users, choose the invite users option. Then search for users by first or last name. Select the user and send and invitation. Users must accept the invitation to be a part of the community.

Community Content

The community overview page provides a stream of bulletins, and a list of events. Content can be added directly within a bulletin or by selecting the resources tab. And choosing to “add” content. Users have the option to add folders, files, links, notes, conferences, discussions, or surveys.