Below the site menu, there is a ribbon with the course menu with the following tabs.

  • Overview contains recent updates, course bulletins, tasks or follow-up tasks, and course events.  In addition, the plans of the day will be shown when plans are used.
  • Plans are the course roadmap.  It is useful for teacher planning as well as a valuable resource for students and parents.
  • Resources is the ‘filing cabinet’ of the course with the file folders and resources in the course.
  • Gradebook and Follow-up and reports includes the course grade book, learning objective mastery reports, and other course specific reports.
  • Participants lists all the students or teachers in a course.  It is in this tab that you can view course groups and when students have last visited the course.  By clicking on a student’s name, you can view the student’s profile card.
  • More includes options for course groups, course settings and the course trash can.