The main menu bar provides multiple options for navigation.

  • Home will take you back to aggregated updates, tasks and events.
  • Courses provide a dropdown list of your favorite courses. By clicking on ‘all courses,’ you will be able to view those that are not your favorites or those that were archived.
    • You can favorite a course by ensuring the star next to the course is yellow.
    • Notice that you can see when courses were last updated, visited, the status and your role in the course.
    • Rather than deleting courses, they are often archived from year to year. This allows you to continue to work with or carry existing content over. Notice the ‘show’ option will reveal active or archived.
  • Groups allow you to access your communities and organizational dashboards (see section 10).
  • Calendar displays events scheduled in your courses or communities as well as an aggregated view of course planners (see section 1.4).
  • Library allows users can to search for resources that have been added to your library (see section 5).
  • Notifications
    • The bell icon provides notifications.
    • The speech bubble icon allows quick access to the internal messaging option.

Some other options may be available within your menu, depending on your profile settings.

  • Mentor indicates that you have been assigned individuals or groups to mentor and develop individual learning plans.
  • Apps and Tools provide resources, links or utilities specific to your school or district.
  • Admin provides administrative functions for which you have permissions. Not all users will have access to this option.
  • Your Students lists all your students with details. Click on a student’s name to view his profile card.
  • Support
  • School or district created links.