The Gradebook settings can be accessessed from the dropdown menu located in the top right menu of the Gradebook page.

There are three options – Gradebook settings, Assessment weighting and Help.


When Gradebook settings is selected from the dropdown menu (see above), the user will be redirected to the third tab of Gradebook settings. (Note: Gradebook settings can also be accessed via the second navigation bar in the header by going to the "More" menu, selecting "Settings" and then selecting "Assessment settings".)

The following settings can be adjusted:

  • Weighting
    The teacher can turn on weighting on single assessments, average for participants and course average for each assessment such as an assignment or test.
  • Average
    When average for participants is enabled, an additional tab titled "Average and count" will be visible in assessment record.
  • Export to a CSV file
    The user can choose what data is included in the CSV file when selecting the option to "Export to CSV file" from the Gradebook page.

Assessment Weighting

When assessment weighting is enabled, you can enter a numerical weight/value to assignments, tests, or tasks. Unless weighting is utilized, all are calculated as a percentage (100%). The option for weighting assessments allows you to increase the value for individual assignments. For example, one assignment might be multiplied twice while another one counts three times toward an average. Final assessments cannot be weighted.

In the Gradebook overview, the assessment weight can be viewed by hovering over the element header and will appear in the tooltip.