The 360 Degree Reports allow teachers and tutors to quickly compare all students in the course. Teachers and tutors can deep-dive into each learner’s performance through easy-to-follow, visual info-graphics.

Teachers and tutors can use this information to understand how each student is engaging and progressing with course content, including time spent in course and time on task. This allows for better planning and understanding of teaching and learning, enabling actions and decisions that lead to success for all students. The 360 Degree Reports arm educators with the insights they need to evaluate and improve their educational programs and practices. With a greater depth of information, and a compelling graphical presentation, itslearning offers a distinct advantage over competitive systems.

There are three reports, Activity, Progress and Grades. Each has a whole course overview, where you can scroll through all students and compare them to the course averages. Clicking a student will show a details page with more information. You can quickly jump to a new student, or one of the other reports from the details page.

The 360 degree reports are available now. To use them, simply navigate to “360 Reports” in the classes/courses top menu. This link many be under the 'More' item to the right of the menu.