Open in your favorite browser and login using the link in the top right.

To log a ticket click Create New Ticket at the top of the page

The requester field will be filled for you so simply add a subject and description (you can use the links to add images, URLs or files) and when you're finished click Submit

The ticket will save and you will be presented with this screen as confirmation, click the itslearning logo to go back to the home page.

From here you can click Check Existing Ticket(s) to view, update and close/reopen any existing tickets.

From the list click the subject of the ticket to see more information

Click here or type directly into the 'box' at the bottom to add a new reply

Click green highlight

This will once again present a rich text box where you can add a message, when you're done click Reply

This link will allow you to add cc's to the ticket by simply entering their e-mail address

Finally This link will allow you to close an open ticket (if it's a closed ticket this one will reopen it).

Click the Logo to go back to the home page, or click Check Existing Ticket(s) to see other outstanding tickets..