We are aware of issues when reading some files in the Assignment "preview" functionality.

This functionality converts user uploaded documents to be presentable and workable inside the Fronter frame.

Some elements, typically specific to Microsoft Word, do not convert very well into Fronter.

We are looking at solutions for these issues.

Typical problems:

problem happens when
Images appear in the wrong place, sometimes overlapping text.
Wrapping text around images in MS Word.
Equations are not showing. Using MS Word formula editor.
Text in a table may appear outside the table cell. Using a text box inside a table in MS Word.
You get an error "a preview of your document can not be generated at this time". Using table of contents in MS Word.
Long paragraphs continue past the right border. Using text with "pre-formatted" text-styling.

As a temporary workaround if you encounter these issues, we recommend that you download the document to your computer via the download link, and open it locally.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes.