We are aware of an issue in the tool "Statistics of disk space usage", which can be found under Statistics in the admin module.

Navigating to "Total" should give you a breakdown of used and unused disk space for the whole site.

Sometimes these numbers are not accurate. Most often when it is showing a wrong number, the used disk space should be higher than it shows, and the unused disk space should be a lower number.

If you are an administrator of a medium or large Fronter site you may have encountered this scenario:

You are finding that users can no longer upload files and are receiving an error that there is no more disk space. You check the remaining disk space in Statistics > Statistics of disk space usage > total.

From what you can see here there should still be disk space remaining.

Cause: Most likely you have used up your free disk space, but the statistics tool erroneously shows there to be remaining disk space.

Solution: Contact Fronter support who can double check this and add more disk space if needed.

We are working on finding a solution to why sometimes the Statistics tool does not give accurate numbers.