The new file or folder element enables uploading multiple files at once, and may support upload through drag and drop, upload of entire folders, or upload and unzipping of zip files depending on the user browsers:


Since several older browsers do not support upload multiple files, we also offer the option to upload a ZIP file instead. Using the "Unpack zipped files into course structure" option, it is possible to transform a ZIP file into course files and folders:


Uploading multiple files, zip files or folders can be time consuming task. In order not to block the user from continuing other tasks while the upload is processed, this is now performed in the background. While the process is under way, the folder which contains the files is blocked for further upload. Other folders can of course still be modified.  The user is free to stay on this page and wait for upload to complete or navigate away and perform other actions.


Once the upload process has completed, the uploaded elements will be shown in course tree menu and give the user a friendly information message (If the upload page is still being open).