We have created two new functionalities in Fronter that supports administrators in their End of Year tasks. We have created an option to display only imported rooms for bulk archiving actions, and a tool to help you delete unused imported rooms.

Displaying imported rooms only

The first new feature can be found on the archiving page and enables you to only display imported rooms. To find the new tool go to:

Rooms > Display All Rooms > Archived Rooms and scroll down to "Rooms you may want to archive (rooms without any groups)"

You´ll see that we have added a checkbox named "Show only imported rooms". Checking this option will display only imported rooms from your integration in the list below.

This new functionality is useful if you archive imported rooms during your end of year maintenance.

Delete unused imported rooms

The new tool for deleting unused imported rooms can be accessed and used from anywhere within Fronter's tree structure for users with top admin access, and will only display unused imported rooms beneath the selected organisational unit. To access the new tool go to:

Admin > Tools > Clean up old imported data

Upon entering the tool, you will be presented with a list of unused rooms that can be deleted and a delete button underneath the list.

You can manually select the rooms you want to delete, or choose to delete all at once. When you click "delete", the selected rooms will be permanently deleted from Fronter.

For very large schools we recommend using the new deletion tool in stages from the sub-nodes rather than from the topmost node to prevent "unresponsiveness" due to a large query.

Release date for the two new functionalities was summer 2016.